Beach Safety Course


Let the Big Green Surf School team give you the skills and knowledge to keep you and your family safe on your holidays.

Many incidents and rescues that happen on beaches are as a result of lack of knowledge and awareness. On this course you'll be learning:

  • How to identify rip currents

  • What to do if caught in a current

  • How to choose a safe spot to swim

  • What to do if you get into difficulty

  • Self-rescue techniques

  • How to safely & effectively help others

  • Where and how to get help

Taught in a fun and exciting way including hands-on experience of what currents feel like under the watchful eye of our Beach Lifeguard Qualified Coaches.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, ideal for families!

Gannel Crantock

We work with the ever-changing Crantock beach to teach you how to deal with a variety of situations that you or your family could get into. Stay safe on the beach.