For yet another year, we've got a simply incredible team lined up.

 All of our coaches are fully qualified Beach Lifeguards, hold internationally recognised Coaching Qualifications and go through our extensive in-house training, all so that you can rest assured you're in the best possible hands and get the most of whichever activity you choose!

Dale - Owner & Head Coach


Dale founded Big Green Surf School in 2011 after surfing and coaching his way around the world for years! Big Green was born from a love of coaching and this year you'll see Dale pulling on the Purple Rashie and working his magic at the water's edge a lot more often!

Favourite Surf Spot

Pacifico, Siargao Island, Philippines


5'11" Homemade Fish

5'10" Seduction Ish Fish

5'10" Fourth Doofer

6'4" JC Shapes SDII

7'11" Ocean Green Hollow Wooden Cruiser

9'1" Bonga Model Longboard

Ross - Beach Manager

'Rockstar' Ross earned his nickname on one of our epic surf-trips to Siargao, why not ask him to tell you the story in your next lesson? King of the SUP Tours and runs our weekly Ladies Surf Club.

Favourite Surf Spot

Pisangan (Cemeteries), Siargao Island, Philippines


6'2" Rob Fletcher Evans Shortboard

6'6" Step Up

6'3" Hawaiian Soul Biscuit

9'1" Slide & Glide

Coach Tytti - 'T'


A veteran of the Big Green team, fresh off yet another winter in J-Bay, South Africa. The Finnish Stylemaster is always keen for a dawn surf - you'll have to get up early to beat her to the lineup!

Favourite Surf Spot

Oh my, don't really know.

Basically any wave that goes right and the longer it lasts the better!


9'1" Oblong Longboard

6'0" Ocean Magic Single-Fin

6'4" Anderson Surfboards Thruster/Fish

Coach Petr

Petr is first on the beach in the morning and last to leave at night, we're stoked to welcome him back for a second year in Crantock! He's travelled extensively chasing waves around the world, pick his brains to find some secret top-tips!

Favourite Surf Spot

Balangan, Bali & Lakey Peak, Sumbawa​


5'10" Bradley Gladiator

5'10" Bradley Pie

6'1" Bradley Viper

Coach Laurie

Returning for his third year of coaching with Big Green. Laurie can coach surfing, SUP or bodyboarding with amazing passion.

Runs our kids surf camps through the holidays and is always frothing for a surf!

Favourite Surf Spot

Never give up a secret like that!

A ton of weird and wonderful shapes depending on the conditions, you'll regularly see him ripping on a foamy - best boards around!